About Us

Popular art in Mexico is a reflection of its identity. In order to share and promote the wide variety of popular art that is created throughout the different regions of Mexico, three friends, Sara, Michelle and Sofía, created a small company, Lanii (the zapotec word for “party”).

Lanii promotes mainly Oaxacan crafts, presented in personalized kits that rely on contemporary design to make the products more attractive and functional.
As the name implies, Lanii is a celebration of colors and textures, a combination of materials, dyes and even flavors.
In a number of workshops, the palm cultivated in the Oaxacan Mixteca is woven and shaped into bags that range from simple, modest styles  to fresh and creative versions  that combine leather, bolsters or netting; the textile fibers are combined with natural dyes and hand woven by loom into new designs.

The flavors Lanii promotes come in the form of chocolate made with Mexican cocao, produced in the southern part of the country, as well as the variety of sauces and jams that mix local ingredients to deliver unique flavors.
One of Lanii’s main specialties is the selection of its products, which caters to  the needs of the client, the creative proposals of those who make up Lanii, as well as a close collaboration with artisans.
In this company we work directly with artisans from different regions of Mexico, mainly from the state of Oaxaca.
Lanii offers a variety of products, including a line of bags, linens, tableware, garments, hats, jewelry, sauces, jams and chocolates, among others. We invite you to take a tour of our page and have a look at our selection of designs.

Text: Regina Mejía / Translation: Daniel Brena